Featured Customer: Erik Rosini

Occasionally featured on The Hunt will be customer stories and photos. The way we see it, ‘KUIU Customer’ is synonymous with ‘KUIU Prostaff’. Experienced paying consumers are the most credible resource out there, as they are free to use what they want and speak their honest thoughts on products with no strings attached. 

When Erik Rosini submitted a Mountain Goat photo to be posted to the In The Field page, I decided to give him a call to hear his story on the hunt. Erik, a four-year KUIU customer, works for a seafood brokerage company out of Southern California, which distributes fresh fish to hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets nationwide.

Erik’s August, 2014 Goat hunt took place on the North Coast of British Colombia with Copper River Outfitters. While this region is well known for its history of producing Boone and Crockett goats on a fairly regular basis, Erik stressed the fact that these quality animals are no cakewalk to hunt, nor are they found around every corner.


Over the first six days of his scheduled 9-day hunt, Erik spent time in two different mountain ranges where he and his guide endured nights with 70 mile per hour winds, and days with very few goat sightings. Three days and many a hard mile hiked in the first range resulted in nothing but a few nannys and ewes. An additional four days and even more boot leather burned in the second range turned up only more nannys and just one young billy who’s horns had yet to curve.


By the end of day seven, Erik was ready to throw in the towel. Physical exhaustion and zero quality goat sightings had taken its toll on his mind and body. He and his guide pulled out once more, and took day eight to recover and formulate a new plan for the remainder of the hunt.

A day off the mountain and a shower proved to be just enough recuperation for Erik to get his mind and heart back in the game. By the early hours of the ninth morning, he was ready to attempt another climb into a new area.

Following a long hike up a degraded logging road, Erik and his guide once again found themselves glassing above timberline by 8am. This time, they spotted a quality billy some 6,500 feet above them in a nasty, vertical avalanche chute. Any excitement Erik felt was overwhelmed with pressure, as he was suddenly faced with a monumental climb in a now-or-never situation on the last day. Once the hunters were confident that the billy was content to stay put, they began their ascent up the back side of a knife ridge that would keep them out of the goat’s line of sight.


Some 6 grueling hours later, the hunters had reached what they expected to be an equal elevation to where the billy was last spotted that morning. After catching their breath, they slowly began making their way around the ridge (as it was too steep to call it going ‘over’ the ridge), glassing ahead carefully with each step. Erik watched his guide stop in his tracks, hunker down, and slowly turn his head back to say something…

Guide, “He’s right there!

Erik, “Right there as in what? 20 yards? 100 yards?”

Guide, “No… more like 10 yards!”

Erik slowly took the lead, rifle ready. A few short steps is all it took for Erik to find himself face to face with the trophy he’d spent the better part of nine days tirelessly searching for, and nearly giving up on. A neck shot was presented immediately, which he took, sending the billy tumbling down the granite to his final resting place 300 feet below.


Erik’s goat measured 9.25″ in length with good mass and a quality coat. By 9pm they had the goat caped, boned, and back to the trailhead; using up virtually every last hour available on the trip.


Erik’s Mountain Goat Clothing List:

  • Guide DCS Jacket
  • Guide DCS Vest
  • Attack Pant
  • Ultra Merino 145 Zip Bottom
  • Merino 250 LS
  • Merino 185 LS
  • Tiburon Gloves


-Todd Harney

One thought on “Featured Customer: Erik Rosini

  1. Erik,

    A fine trophy that I am sure you are elated to have had the opportunity on the last day of a grueling hunt….That’s not untypical of Billy’s……

    Hope you enjoy the meat and have this trophy of a lifetime mounted.

    Great story.


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