Raingear Packability Comparisons

One of the most frequently asked customer raingear questions around here is: How small does it compress? It’s a very valid question, and one that people rightfully expect an accurate answer to.

The question came up over and over again in the live feed for yesterday’s Teton revealing, so I’ve decided to put this together here today to help provide a quality response. Below are photos and dimensions of each of the KUIU rain sets, compressed (folded and rolled) as if they were to be stored in a pack. We will begin with the smallest (Teton) and work up to the largest (Yukon).

Teton Rain Jacket and Pant


Dimensions/ Size Large

Jacket: 14 cm long, 27 cm circumference

Pant: 15.5 cm long, 22.5 cm circumference

Ultra NX Jacket and Pant


Dimensions/ Size Large

Jacket: 16 cm long, 26 cm circumference

Pant: 21 cm long, 23 cm circumference

Chugach NX Jacket and Pant


Dimensions/ Size Large

Jacket: 20 cm long, 32.5 cm circumference

Pant: 22.5 cm long, 26.5 cm circumference

Yukon Jacket and Pant


Dimensions/ Size Large

Jacket: 28 cm long, 32 cm circumference

Pant: 30 cm long, 29 cm circumference


That’s it! Quick post this week, but this but a long overdue one.

Todd Harney

16 thoughts on “Raingear Packability Comparisons

  1. My question is which one will keep me dry. Alaska has a tendency to bring a whole new definition to water proof. I use more space in my pack, if it means more dry on my back.

    Weights always an issue, but I rather pack more weight if it means I will be dry.

    Which one does Kuiu have the highest level of confidence in?

    • You’ll want to go with either the Yukon or Chugach NX. These will provide some extra insurance in the way of durability. If you live up there and will be exposing your raingear hunt after hunt, season upon season, then go Yukon. For annual trips North mixed with other hunts where it will spend more time in your pack, the Chugach NX would be a great choice. I had zero hesitation taking the Chugach to Alaska last year. It’s pretty tough stuff. Yukon just takes it to another level.


  2. This has actually helped me narrow down which rain gear I’m going to get. Just found this part of your guys web site and I cant stop reading! So much good info!

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Nick. Good luck with your raingear purchase, feel free to email me if you have questions beyond what’s covered on the website. toddh@kuiu.com.


    • Pretty much all detailed measurements done in the clothing world are metric, so that’s what I automatically put together. By providing circumference instead of diameter, people are able to use a soft tape to duplicate the size easier. It’s what most folks ask for when they call in.

  3. I converted it in a spreadsheet, and calculated volume in cubic inches. I hope this copies well.

    Length Circumf Length Diameter Volume
    cm cm in in ci
    Teton Jacket 14 27 5.5 3.4 50
    Pants 15.5 22.5 6.1 2.8 38
    Ultra NX Jacket 16 26 6.3 3.3 53
    Pants 21 23 8.3 2.9 54
    Chugach Jacket 20 32.5 7.9 4.1 103
    NX Pants 22.5 26.5 8.9 3.3 77
    Yukon Jacket 28 32 11.0 4.0 139
    Pants 30 29 11.8 3.6 123

  4. question need QUIET rain overpants to carry in daypack in case weather changes. Bought Sitka a while ago but they are NOT quiet. Early fall in White Mountains Az. so the Teton weight seems like it would be fine. But the description does not discuss quiet and does does specify whether useful to put on over other hunting pants, or only work with your layers?

    • Donald,

      The fabric technology just isn’t there to make a quiet, lightweight, and waterproof shell pant or jacket. Anything you find that’s real quiet is going to have a face fabric that will absorb water and not hold a good DWR coating. While it’s not incredibly quiet, I had no problem stalking to bow range on Muleys in Colorado a couple weeks ago. If it’s raining, the rain will cover up any noise of the raingear. If it’s not raining, don’t make stalks in your raingear.


  5. So, I called this morning to place an order for a Chugach NX jacket. I did this after checking the website an hour prior to see if it still showed in stock in the color/size I was after. Gone. Out of stock in all but the Major Brown. This is the ONE piece I really needed for a hunt coming up on Nov 13th. Apparently I took too much time doing my research and making sure I was making the best decision for my needs. Is there ANY way to find out when these may be back in stock? Incredibly frustrated for waiting an hour too long!!

      • Thanks a ton, Todd. Your quick response relieves a little stress. I have no issue backordering it but if there isn’t any hope then I’ll look at other options. One of those is something I wanted to talk to you directly about as opposed to calling the general customer service number. I’ll discuss that after I hear back from you.

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