Wilderness Athlete Seminar at the KUIU Garage Sale

During our Garage Sale event here in Dixon back in May, we had a number of guest vendors put on short seminars to talk about their products and services. Mark Paulsen, founder of Wilderness Athlete, gave a great talk that touched on a number of overlooked nutrition fundamentals that apply to backcountry enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

I hope you enjoy and learn something new from the video.

As a reminder, we are offering a couple Wilderness Athlete products in the KUIU Gear Shop. Visit the links below to learn more:

Gear Shop: Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover

Gear Shop: Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus

On a side note, our Archery Blacktailed Deer season opens here in California this weekend. With any luck, someone here at the office will have a success story and photos to share on The Hunt next week. Stay tuned and best of luck to all of you who will be out scouting or hunting this weekend!

Todd Harney

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